I am a bar owner/business owner that wants to
              participate.  How do I get involved?

   * We would love to have you involved in Santacon 2018!  We have space for bars, restaurants and advertisers to support our crawl, afterparty and charity!  Email us HERE if you want to get involved!
             Is there such a thing
                 as too much fun?
   *   In a word... yes.
- We want you to have fun... but, remember this is still about being a responsible Santa.  There will be kids out and about, and Santa doesn't need to scare them.

- Santa doesn't need to end up on the side of a building... we already have one of those!  Designate a driver, or get the GOLD PASS and don't worry about it!

- Santa doesn't need to go to jail.  Santa wouldn't like jail... respect the law.

- Nobody needs to see Santa's "bag of toys"... stay dressed.

                    My kids love Santa... can they come?
   * Unfortunately, no.  Santacon is an adults-only party, meaning you must be 21 to attend.
       I just want to go to the afterparty...
                        is that okay?

   * YES!  Just order the RED PASS and you are all set.
                 Do I really have to wear a costume?
No, Scrooge, you don't.  BUT, why wouldn't you?  The entire point of the party is the festive SANTAcon side of it, so it would be a lot more fun if you did!
... and just think, you owe it to all your friends to let them see you be a santa, elf or other Christmas-themed character for a few hours of fun!
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F.A.Q. (Festively Asked Questions)
We want everyone that comes to Santacon to have a great time! 
Here are a few tips to make sure you (and your reindeer) get the most of the festivities...
                                What time is the event?
    * The event runs from 12pm - 6pm at our sponsored bars and restaurants, with the giant afterparty at the Freemasons Hall from 6pm - 9pm with our Official Santacon Band, HOTHOUSE!